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  1. JIm_Iowa
    2015 DCSB TRD OR
  2. Fish-Tacos
    Doing what I have to do
  3. Jacob Hagan
    Jacob Hagan
  4. Kingz.Customs__
    Local DMV Business Owner
  5. Tape
    Tape brooks.leib
    Hey, when you installed those limited wheels did do you have to re-program TPMS or did you just swap out the sensors?
  6. Fish_Taco
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  7. tooter
    future tacoma owner
  8. Ron Rowan
    Ron Rowan
    Planning some upgrades to suspension, new stereo and some paint repair.
  9. David M. Cate
    David M. Cate tooter
    Ok I have to get too know a girl named Tooter!
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  10. David M. Cate
    David M. Cate
    Tryin to hold on!
  11. Surfit34
    Loving my new (old) Tacoma
  12. TacoKen
    To be safe, yes.
  13. David M. Cate
    David M. Cate TacoKen
    Hello I have a 2007 tacoma sport trd,I put on a 2.5 inch suspension lift on the front,can I run 285/70/17 or should I get the 275/70/17?
    1. TacoKen
      What upper control arms, stock? Wheel offset? Depending on tire/wheel offset you can run 285/70 with possibly some plastics removed (front small mud guard). With stock control arms you may get some rubbing.
      Apr 28, 2020
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    2. David M. Cate
      David M. Cate
      I have stock uca should I buy 275/70/17? Thanks for your help!
      Apr 28, 2020
  14. Lil G
    Lil G
    Pissed off
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  15. Taco Dunco
    Taco Dunco
    Fixing her up, one nut at a time.
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  16. rmreid20
    rmreid20 Crutcherl1
    Still have the Toyota black chrome exhaust tip?
  17. RDinNHandAZ
    RDinNHandAZ Nathan
    OK I have had enough of the guns, politics, conspiracies, misogyny and other off topic posts here. Please remove me, my posts, and any other evidence of my mistake to think this was a Tacoma site. For those who don’t I applaud you.
    1. OR17TRD
      This forum is very mild. This is a great group of people and community. In a community you have lots of different churches, stores, neighborhoods, beliefs, personalities etc. Sorry you got your feelings hurt from reading about guns, politics and conspiracies. I don’t know about the misogyny there are plenty of females on this forum and I haven’t seen any half naked pictures or talk about grabbing them by the ...
      Apr 26, 2020
    2. OR17TRD
      Only you have the power to open a thread and read it and keep reading it. Same way you have the power to go into a church or a gun store or any business within your community. You can choose to go in and shop or drive by.
      Hope you find what you’re looking for.
      Apr 26, 2020
  18. Evan Warren
    Evan Warren
  19. tacogrint
    New member, looking for lift/tire/wheel combo recommendations
  20. Tomusa
    painted fender flares