2017 Toyota Tacoma transmission. Come on Toyota!!

Discussion in '2016 + Toyota Tacoma' started by OR17TRD, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    Purchased my unicorn 2017 super white Tacoma TRD Off-road DCLB in February 2017. Yes, 1month ago. Took 2 months to find her and had 3 dealers looking for me. I didn't want to pre-order but I wanted it loaded, crawl control, roof rack, long bed, tonneau cover and had to be super white.
    Almost right away I was noticing a delay in the reverse to drive and drive to reverse on cold start and noticed strange shifting patterns during driving.
    Took it to the dealer with 300 miles on it and waited 6 hrs to have the latest and greatest TSB Rev1 completed and the transmission fluid checked. I don't notice the delay between reverse and drive much any more.
    I'm still having strange shifting. It feels like it looses power when going up a hill then goes again. When I'm slowing down it feels like the brakes go out then come back or the transmission is downshifting with a delay and the brakes are lost for a second.
    I have something else I'm now noticing.
    I was driving home from work a few days ago and after coming to a complete stop it felt like the person behind me bumped my truck. I pulled over got out and checked my bumper. Nothing noted.
    Today I had to drive somewhere and the street had lots of stop lights. I stopped at one and Again I thought the lady behind me hit my truck...I thought what the hell, pulled over, got out, nothing. Kept driving, stopped at the next light, I felt it again this time no one was behind me. I started to pay attention. After coming to a complete stop maybe 1 second later a clunk, jerk or bump happens and the truck feels like it's pushed forward.
    I immediately drove into Toyota.
    The service manager knew exactly what I was talking about. He said one of his mechanics has a 2016 that does the same thing. He said I was the third person in the last few weeks to come in for that issue. He said they would check the truck out and they did. 4 hrs later Rechecked the Transmission fluid, checked to make sure the TSB was current with the latest and greatest.
    He told me sorry there is nothing more we can do at this time. They said they called corporate and started a case number for me and would get ahold of me as soon as they had further info.
    I have been to the dealer 3 times now, Once for 6 hrs once for 4 hrs and once they kept it over night 2 days. 4 days of loving my truck lost. I have 600 miles on my truck. This is the first brand new vehicle I have ever purchased and was... WAS... so excited to own something no one else had owned. Something NEW! I really hope toyota figures out what is going on with my transmission. I don't want to give up on my unicorn Taco. "Tacorna" But... Im getting close!!!
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  3. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    That bump is more than likely axle wrap which has been a problem since 2005.
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  4. powder taco

    powder taco Well-Known Member

    My 2017 TRD off road access cab does the same thing, only when it's cold though. After it's warmed up it seems to do ok as long as I have it in power mode.
  5. bchurch

    bchurch Well-Known Member

    Same issue here. Axle wrap likely culprit. 2016 TRDOR. Have had tranny fluid and tsb done. Ive resigned myself to the fact these new tacomas are filled with problems. As soon as i can trade or sell without getting raped, its going byebye. Likely 2 years away from that. First AND last Toyota i will buy.
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  6. mochi

    mochi Well-Known Member

    My 16 has same issue. My BSM stays on and my radio completely blacks out and comes back on. Been to dealer 3 times same issues same BS from dealer. Thinking Tundra
  7. bestantonio

    bestantonio Well-Known Member

    I just say bye to my 2016 Tacoma and say hello to my 4Runner.. I got enough of the transmission problems they told me that they acknowledge the problem and truck has issues but they can't fix it... the manager offer me a good deal and is done ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1489117001.501722.jpg
  8. OP

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    Congratulations. I love the runners.
    What list of issues did you have and how did it get to the point where they worked with you on the trade?
  9. Duff49

    Duff49 Member

    it's not axle wrap. Just one of the many 16 & 17 drivetrain issues.
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  10. longshore

    longshore Well-Known Member

    You should give the 2nd gen trucks a try. Four year old Tacomas all over the place here for sale.
  11. OP

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    Only problem with that is the "axle wrap" has been an issue sinse the 2nd gen :confused::(
  12. bchurch

    bchurch Well-Known Member

    Yea.... no. No more toyotas for me. When i can realistically get rid of the 2016 TRDOR, Ill be replacing it with a GMC with a V8.
  13. longshore

    longshore Well-Known Member

    That certainly is more of a truck than the Tacoma. In my opinion, those of us who want a heavy duty truck and try to use a Tacoma in that roll most of us would be disappointed. Add to this the issues the new ones are having, and Tacomas come up kinda short...
  14. bchurch

    bchurch Well-Known Member

    Agreed. I dont need a fullsize truck, but decided if im going to replace the faulty tacoma, thats the truck ill do it with. I replaced a 14yr old dakota/v8 with the new tacoma. Bad decision all the way around. I buy my vehicles with the intent to keep them for 10 or more years. Having paid them off in 5yrs. Took a risk on a new model tacoma.... got burned.
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  15. a1000ydStare

    a1000ydStare New Member

    Similar problems here too. The transmission on my 2016 DCLB off-road is terrible. It's really the truck's Achilles heel. I leased luckily and would never lease another unless the transmission issue had been corrected. To me, it feels like I'm driving a manual, poorly!
  16. travisinspace

    travisinspace New Member

    I have axle wrap problems on my 2002 Tacoma 4wd as well. It's been a problem since the beginning
  17. OP

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    Everyone is saying "axel wrap" and it's a problem. How is it fixed?
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2017
  18. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Better leaf springs and or traction bars.
  19. Parker

    Parker Active Member

    And this is why I got the MT

    2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-road MT
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  20. bchurch

    bchurch Well-Known Member

    Not much of an update but just completed another frustrating road trip in my 2016 trdor auto. Cruise on, 75mph, 4th gear, 3300rpms, the ENTIRE trip across kansas. Mpg?? 14.2. And thats better than last trip, which was 13.1mpg at same speed with cruise on. I captured video of dash but im screaming curse words in it so cant post. Wait til the service manager hears/sees my camera video when i see him. Wow
  21. Scotte

    Scotte Member

    Not sure why you would run at 75 mph in 4th gear and 3300 rpm ?
    What kind of mileage do you expect running like that?seems stupid to me

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