Best tires?

Discussion in '2016 + Toyota Tacoma' started by hattajp, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. hattajp

    hattajp Member

    Looking into to new tires. I'd like to see them on the truck first though. Post pics if you got em. 2017 trd offroad.
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  3. Boxerdad214

    Boxerdad214 Well-Known Member

    I will be interested as well.
  4. OP

    hattajp Member

    I can't figure out how to post pics on here. Doesn't look like you can.
  5. yotathang

    yotathang Active Member

    You can, click on reply & there's a button for uploading pictures.
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  6. OP

    hattajp Member

    Ok, cool got it. I was fixated on the quick reply option. Thanks. Here's the truck.

    Attached Files:

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  7. OP

    hattajp Member

    Not happy with these tires.
  8. snytt

    snytt Well-Known Member

  9. snytt

    snytt Well-Known Member

    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1476041011.027242.jpg
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  10. OP

    hattajp Member

    What's the specs on those tires snytt?
  11. snytt

    snytt Well-Known Member

    285/75 18 NITTO FUEL BEAST WHEEL 3" lift
  12. JBnPittsburgh

    JBnPittsburgh Member

    Cooper ST Maxx 285/75/16.... ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1479088730.167603.jpg ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1479088746.104801.jpg
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  13. TacoTrk

    TacoTrk Active Member

  14. TacoTrk

    TacoTrk Active Member

    General Grabbers! I absolutely LOVE them! Awesome in rain or snow. Yes there's a little noise but it's really not that bad. I'll be buying these again.
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  15. jhed

    jhed Member

    On my prior pickups I've had god luck with Toyo or Michelin tires
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  16. taco John

    taco John Well-Known Member

    I've heard great things about nittos
  17. jnsmith76

    jnsmith76 New Member

    Hard to beat BFG KO2s
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  18. normagene

    normagene Well-Known Member

    K02s. 265/70s

    What surprised me the most was how quiet they actually are. I see/hear other trucks going by and I'm like OMG who would want All That Constant NOISE.

  19. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    Usually muds slap like that, they have large voids.... all terrains are not as common to be slapping. It may happen with some but its generally muds due to the voids.
    This combined with poor maintenance (tire rotations) can make matters worse.

    Ko2 have tight little pattern like any normal all terrain, so they shouldn't be loud
  20. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    Those do awesome in the rain?

    Thise red letter ones with zero siping, or is there another sub model?
  21. bchurch

    bchurch Well-Known Member

    Nitto Grappler G2s.
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