Chevy Colorado for a Rental

Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by AbsurdBuffalo, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. AbsurdBuffalo

    AbsurdBuffalo Well-Known Member

    On a buisness trip for the next week and decided to grab this Colorado to try out and compare to my taco (18 TRD OR manual). Not sure what package it is exactly, but does have the V6, is 4x4, but doesn't seem to have any off road bits. So maybe roughly a Taco SR5 trim level comparison? I dunno.

    It has 544 miles on it.

    Initial thoughts (likes):
    -WAAAAAY more power than the 3rd gen taco. Absolutely no debate here. (or it at least feels like it's got more git up and go)
    -Better stock sound system.
    -8 speed gearbox seems to work quite well.
    -Better seating position for tall people.

    -ride quality in my Taco is better.
    -some of the interior bits are too smooth (specifically the inside door 'handle' area where you'd find the window and mirror switches.
    -gear shifter isn't tall enough/center console is too tall
    -MyLink (infotainment) suite blows. My other car at home has MyLink as well, and it's Bluetooth functions leave a lot to be desired over entune.

    Haven't tried out the 4wd stuff yet, but I'm sure it works fine.

    I'll post back here with other annoyances/likes after I've driven it for a few days as a sort of long term test drive. So far though, I may have to check them out again when my lease is up on my taco unless Toyota does something about the 3rd gen V6. 20180716_184056.jpeg
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  3. Bogunn

    Bogunn Well-Known Member

    There doesn’t seem to be the plethora of problems most GM products have in the Colorado. I test drove one when they came out. I like the Taco better.
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  4. lcarrasco212

    lcarrasco212 Well-Known Member

    It may be a good truck. I just don’t like the looks of it. I’m a diesel guy.. i want diesel everything and even with the attractive i4 diesel option I couldn’t convince myself to get one. Them things deleted get up and go! Power isn’t all that bad on the tacoma. Just dont pay attention to downshifting and give it more gas
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  5. B-Man

    B-Man Well-Known Member

    I had a '16 Colorado. Tried to put gas in it one day and couldn't. Fuel Valve went bad.....warranty repair with new fuel pump/valve assembly........door ajar light/buzzers going off......multiple stops to shut doors and lights/buzzers still going off.......eventually they stopped on their own......dealership couldn't find a reason for codes. Got my '17 TRDOR and haven't had any issues at all.......adequate power for my needs......plenty of storage over the Colorado......Taco has a better ride IMHO.......gas mileage is the same.......Taco has way more 4X4 abilities than the Colorado......Entunes sounds better over Chevy's MyLink......I'm glad I traded in the Colorado for the regrets!
  6. bumpedmyhead

    bumpedmyhead Well-Known Member

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    TRD OR BUST! Member

    Ok, it's been 10 days now thoughts??? :D
  8. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    He’s on a Chevy forum now...
  9. OP

    AbsurdBuffalo Well-Known Member

    Oh crap! Totally forgot about this post lol.

    So I'm 50/50 on it. There were things I liked much better about the Chevy, specifically regarding the powertrane, and the driving position is better in my opinion for my tall ass.

    Looks and design are so subjective that I won't comment one way or another as it's up to you if you like it or not.

    I feel that the interior quality on the Taco is better, but the Chevy isn't necessarily bad.

    Overall, I think when the lease on my taco is up, I'm going to seriously consider the diesel Colorado (unless Toyota has one by then). Having that kind of power even in the V6 over the V6 in the Taco is defiantly desirable. The Taco V6 is gutless, even with a manual transmission. BUT, the Taco is a Toyota. And will likely last longer to an extent.
  10. Bogunn

    Bogunn Well-Known Member

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  11. TucsonSteve

    TucsonSteve Well-Known Member

    B2E06F88-7A22-410B-A4DF-49F1EB9CFB14.jpeg One thing not to like about the Colorado?
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  12. Bogunn

    Bogunn Well-Known Member

    Holy crap. That sucks. Looks like he had some cash in mods and add ons too.
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  13. Cape taco

    Cape taco Well-Known Member

    And the resale vale on a 5 year old taco vs a 5 year old Colorado was 73% vs 52%
    That's a good chunk of trade in for my money !
    Just saying ! image.jpg
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  14. Cape taco

    Cape taco Well-Known Member

    When I test drove one we took my 2003 tundra to the dealer w 135 k and no sooner had my wife and I pulled out of the Chevy dealer and we looked at each other and said at the same time "This rides better!" WTF I can't make that crap up ! It's so true and I bought my taco about a month later .
  15. BigMau

    BigMau Well-Known Member

    I owned a 2011 GMC Canyon 2wd before my 2017 Tacoma...
    Lets just say my 2002 Tundra and 2009 Tacoma served me much better! So far, very happy with my 2017 Tacoma.
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  16. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

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  17. Tacomapop

    Tacomapop Member

    My previous truck was a '06 Colorado. 4 door, 5 cyl, 4x4. Overall not bad except the brakes. Going down hill it always needed a second pump on the brakes to get a solid pedal. Regardless of service to the brakes, that feeling lasted for the entire 100k miles I drove it. And the 5 cyl engine was a dog! I think the pedal travel in the Taco is less sensitive than some other vehicles--The ratio of movement seems to require longer travel for the engine response. Maybe a way to get drivers to lighten up on the acceleration and get better fuel mileage.
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  18. Ant6345

    Ant6345 Member

    GM - Generic Motors they fall apart quicker than a Toyota thats for sure
  19. Cape taco

    Cape taco Well-Known Member

    GMC stands for "Garage Mechanics Companion".
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  20. kingofthetaco

    kingofthetaco Well-Known Member

    My dad rented a short bed sle and I liked it. Wouldn’t sacrifice a taco for it but it honestly wasn’t that bad of a truck. I hate gmc so that says something in my eyes
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