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Discussion in '2005 - 2015 Toyota Tacoma' started by Dardenjed, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Dardenjed

    Dardenjed Member

    I’m looking at getting a cold air intake on my 2013 Toyota Tacoma any ideas and brands in mind I was thinking about Volant

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  3. TacoKen

    TacoKen Well-Known Member

    Don't waste your money. Get a supercharger.......:)
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  4. Garrick

    Garrick Active Member

    I guess the question is, what do you expect to gain from a CAI?

    In most modern cars and trucks, a CAI has little benefit (in many cases it actually harms performance and longevity). If an open filter CAI design gave vehicles improved power or mileage, they would be installed at the factory. If you think about it, they often are smaller and use less components than the factory intake and air boxes so would theoretically be cheaper to produce. Also, engineers obsess over finding ways to get additional RELIABLE performance and mileage out of our engines. If a CAI gave even a 1 MPG improvement that would make a big difference across the whole brand when it comes to meeting EPA requirements. Another drawback is they usually house the filter in the open which while potentially allowing more airflow, they are often pulling hotter air off the engine and radiator due to their placement.

    Now, a new CAI intake combined with a snorkel would pull clean cooler air from outside the vehicle, while adding the benefit of being located higher above the dust and water that the tires and front of the vehicle stir up, but then you have to deal with cutting holes in your bodywork.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the under hood sound and look of a CAI, and have had them on some of my vehicles in the past, but for a modern Tacoma just keeping a fresh paper air filter installed is cheaper and will provide better all around performance.

    Just my thoughts on the subject.
  5. Garrick

    Garrick Active Member

    BTW, great looking Taco, love the red badging.
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  6. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Stock is cold air. Follow it to the inner fender.

    If you want the noise then go AFE. The Volant intake is known to make Tacomas run rich. If you want maximum noise then K&N not cold air intake is the way to go.
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  7. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

  8. Csilver3

    Csilver3 Well-Known Member

    Like whippersnapper said, it all noise. I had a K&N installed in mine, but I had to pass state inspection. I decided to stay with the stock. No difference other than the noise
  9. Csilver3

    Csilver3 Well-Known Member

    However, I’ve heard the URD CAI give you sound and a bit of performance. You would probably need a MAF calibrator to get its best performance. The bad thing about is you’ll need to cut a hole to run the intake line exposing it behind your grill.
  10. TacoKen

    TacoKen Well-Known Member

    Like I said, go with a supercharger from Toyota and you will be smog legal.
  11. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    No more TRD superchargers. The manufacturer (Magnuson) sells them directly now but in the end they are meh.
  12. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    Lotta bucks for little bang.
  13. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Funny thing is URD is using a 2.3 Whipple and got just over 100 wheel horsepower gain. It is a bit more money though.
  14. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    TRD Blower: $4290 for a 60 whp increase
    URD 2.3 Whipple: $6499 (includes piggyback ECU) for 133 whp increase

    I can add headers, Y pipe and piggyback and may see the same increase as the Whipple but for $2512 more on top of the TRD for a total of $6802.
  15. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    Yikes. That’s a lot of piggies
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