What kind of music from YouTube do you listen to?

Discussion in 'Off-Road' started by LForward1, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. LForward1

    LForward1 Member

    Please, share your best music!
    I would like to download it, by the way, how can I do it from youtube? Are there some "converters" from youtube to mp3 with the help of which I would be able to download music?
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  3. emillnoore

    emillnoore Member

    First of all, if you’re consuming music on YouTube, the chances are you’re listening through small laptop or multimedia PC speakers that just won’t do your music justice. At best you’re listening through some nice headphones or even a hi-fi system. But even then, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice and denying your soul the ability to really experience something special – and here’s why:

    All audio on YouTube is compressed (approximately to around 126 kbps AAC), which in itself isn’t such a bad thing; AAC compression can sound ok at relatively low bitrates. It becomes a problem, however, when poorly compressed videos are used as source files – effectively compressing the audio twice. In an attempt to improve the situation, Google does recommend using higher bitrate source files of 384 kbps when uploading videos, but even when these guidelines are followed the audio has still been compressed twice – not good!

    Imagine then, the varying degrees of user understanding when it comes to video production and audio formats. Long story short, the quality varies enormously. In fact, it’s a complete mess.
  4. brainstorm21

    brainstorm21 Member

    Oh, I like to listen to music offline, walking at work and going bu bus. For downloading the music I use www.flvto.biz/. Frankly speaking, there is no simpler and faster youtube converter: I just paste the video url link you want to download on the above field, and a few seconds later I get a mp3 in original quality. Music makes my day better and it isn't illusion.
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  5. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Join Tidal, spotify premium, or something like that.

    Isnt downloading and converting the file without paying piracy?

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