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  1. TacoTruck2019

    Transmission fluid

    Have a question for those more knowledgeable about this than me. When servicing the auto trans in our tacos is it better to use a strictly WS fluid or one that meets several different standards including WS?
  2. TacoTruck2019

    Locking tailgate

    Has anyone noticed their tailgate not unlocking at the same time their doors do? Is there such a thing as it getting out of sequence with the door locks? Sometimes I will have to unlock mine with the key, other times it will unlock with the remote and the doors like it has always done previously.
  3. TacoTruck2019

    Fram Filters

    I just seen a new product, Fram Force oil filters. There is a Fram Force and a Fram Force Titanium line. I'm not big on Fram filters in general however open to new and better products. So far can't really find any info on these filters.