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  1. skb7527

    South Padre Island meet

    I'm just throwing this out here to see if anyone is interested. My dad (a Tacoma owner), nephew (another Tocama owner) and I went last year and had a blast! I know it's a major road trip for a lot of you guys, but for those of you who are in the area it's a great meet & greet. I grew up in the...
  2. skb7527

    Texas Tacoma Owners - Sign In

    Checking in from McKinney...
  3. skb7527

    Hello from McKinney, Tx.

    What Demo Man said. It should be easy, plus if you have any problems theres always this fourm &/or google.
  4. skb7527

    Hello from McKinney, Tx.

    Not really... Maybe in my mind it does, lol
  5. skb7527

    Hello from McKinney, Tx.

    No intake installed. I almost bought one on craigslist, but I changed my mind. I went with an AFE Pro Dry drop in air filter.
  6. skb7527

    Hello from McKinney, Tx.

    Just wanted to say "Hi" to all the members out there. I'm a regular on Tacomaworld(same member name) and a buddy of mine at a Texasoftocoma meet told me about Tacomaforum, so I decided it would be good to expand my horizons. I have a '12 Tacoma 4X4 with a 2.5" lift. I went with Billies all...