1998 Tacoma 2wd 2.4.

Discussion in '1995 - 2004 Toyota Tacoma' started by Rollon3, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Rollon3

    Rollon3 New Member

    Have have a weird problem I need help!!
    My truck has 141,000 miles on it. Runs fine.
    Last year pass smog no problem. This year it did not. The mechanic I took it to said the lower radiator hose was cool and the upper was hot.

    Temp gauge is where it always is. Mechanic says water pump, I said no way. This is list of things I have tested.
    Let truck warm up for 30min.
    Throttled it up and checked upper/lower radiator hoses to see if they collapsed. (No)
    Popped cap off radiator looked for circulation
    (Very little)
    Removed thermostate and tested in boiling water.
    (Worked fine) bought a new one and tested worked fine. Left it in buttoned it up.
    Removed old water pump, looked like it was new from factory, radiator- filled and let water flow though it. (Fine)
    This truck has been babied, no leaks anywhere.
    All fluids are clean. No work has ever been done on this truck, only oil changes transmission and gearbox fluids has been change by me. Not sure what’s going on.
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  3. Ed209

    Ed209 New Member

    I think your mechanic is right, sounds like a bad water pump, since you're getting some circulation, just not enough. Only other thing I can think of is some partial obstruction in lower hose.
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  4. OP

    Rollon3 New Member

    I capped off the lower hose and filled it to the top with water, remove my hand and in 7 seconds it’s empty. I have the old water pump and the new in hand, old looks great, fins are metal, no leaks. So i am going to put it back together with new water pump+ new thermostat, and belts. Thanks for your input, I will let you know what happens after I put it back together. Thanks.
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  5. Ed209

    Ed209 New Member

    If the new pump doesn't fix it, then I would have no idea what to do next. Hoping for good news, good luck!
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  6. texasred

    texasred Well-Known Member

    Power flush the block perhaps.
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  7. Ed209

    Ed209 New Member

    That's something I never thought of, but makes sense to look at complete coolant flow path.
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