1st gen 3.4 engine swap...

Discussion in '1995 - 2004 Toyota Tacoma' started by BIRDSLAYER, Apr 10, 2018.


    BIRDSLAYER Well-Known Member

    So I killed my taco last Nov. I got a new/used engine with 136k on it and I gotta get it in. Anybody else ever done this? Are there any secrets/tricks to make this a lil easier? Do I need to remove my hood to get the engine out? Do I need to lower the vehicle? (Lifted 4") if anybody has any advice at all, I'm all ears and open to suggestions. Thanks.
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  3. 95glh

    95glh New Member

    I would volunteer you replace everything on the donor engine you need to for maintenance before you drop it in. Just to make your life easier. Barring needing the truck asap (for example as a daily) you could replace timing and cooling components much easier now. I've done that with all the swaps I've done, reduces the headaches of needing to later and asking myself, "why I didn't do that when the engine was out...?"

    As long as its a 1:1 swap there shouldn't be any issues, like others will say take your time, take pictures, and label everything. Should be a weekender.

    Edit- Sorry, never swapped my 95. Sorry I didnt offer any other useful info you didn't already know :/
  4. Thomasg

    Thomasg New Member

    Okay first things first take plenty of pictures next take off the hood after that disconnect wiring harness from inside the cab at the pull out the glove box to get to the ECM to unplug all the wires. Then after that disconnect the wiring that goes from the throttle body into the cab. Next block up the transmission are you going to remove the skid plate to get to the place where you got disconnected and torque converter from the flywheel. Then drain the engine oil in the coolant from the engine. Then get cherry picker in there getting ready to pick up the motor and after you get everything else disconnected the gun bolt the transmission and anything else goes to the engine to the truck the last thing you should be unbolting is the motor mounts. Any other questions hopefully I can get your reply back.

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