2014 Tacoma Outside Temperature Gauge?

Discussion in '2005 - 2015 Toyota Tacoma' started by ultravista, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. ultravista

    ultravista New Member

    Can someone tell me where the outside temperature gauge is? It is listed as part of the Offroad package but I can't find it ... there is no overhead console nor does it display on the instrument cluster.
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  3. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Last I knew it was in the mirror.
  4. ultravista

    ultravista New Member

    I have a standard mirror with no wires or buttons, just the lever to reduce glare.

    The package states "auto-dimming rearview mirror, outside temperature gauge ..."
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2013
  5. KennyF

    KennyF Member

    If the package states it has one, and you don't have buttons on it; you need to contact the dealer. The temp gauge is in the mirror and can be turned on or off using the buttons.
  6. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    From reading threads on TW, it sounds like you don't get it. No big loss.
  7. KennyF

    KennyF Member

    No big loss, unless he paid for the package.
  8. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    No big loss either way. Just the compass/temp reading doesn't make the package. Also packages are subject to without notice. It says it in the brochure.
  9. nestdlandy

    nestdlandy New Member

    2014 outside temperature gauge

    Its not there!! Toyota had problems with the temperature unit.
    They deleted it from all 2014 tacoma's. Call Toyota Corp 1-800-331-4331 and file a formal complaint. At this time they are sending out $250.00 certificates to be used at your toyota dealership. Please be tactful! If enough new tacoma owners follow up perhaps at some point they will make it good. This option is in all pamphlets so it should be included in your pick up.
    This procedure will take a few days but they will follow through!
  10. Bodacious

    Bodacious Member

    I was offered a $200 refundable after proof of purchase of OEM Toyota parts or service. Customer Service Rep said this is not a blanket good-will offer for all 2014 Tacoma buyers. (also noted that the original 2014 brochures) have been removed from the dealerships and a new "corrected brochure" is now on the showroom floors.
  11. BlackSunday4x4

    BlackSunday4x4 New Member

    That is really good information! I was just looking at my 2014 window sticker last night wondering if it was an over site. And I don't know why... But I always like to know exactly what temp it is outside. I was bummed when I found that I didn't have one.
  12. tacomalimited

    tacomalimited 2013 TacomaLimitedDCLB4x4

    That's ridiculous! They can't get the temperature gauge to function correctly so they delete it?!!?? Just about every other car brand has one, but Toyota eliminates it???!! This is my first Toyota, and wondering if it might be my last. The #1 Car manufacturer can't get a temperature gauge to function properly so they eliminate it?!!? That's laughably absurd!!!
  13. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    I think it's funny how people are stressing over such a small thing.
  14. Palladium

    Palladium New Member

    Do the 14's have auto dimming for headlights behind you like the 13's in the mirror? I'd miss that feature as much if not more than the temp/direction indicators.
    And personally I prefer the back up display in my mirror. Seems like a very appropriate place.
  15. Bodacious

    Bodacious Member

    Just Plain-Jane mirror, no frills.
    I believe that only the "Limited" comes with a multi-functional mirror.
  16. Palladium

    Palladium New Member

    Bummer. Then I'm glad I grabbed the 13. That auto dimming mirror is trick. It makes night time driving much nicer for these old eyes.
    Guess some feature had to go for the superior radio head in the 14's, to help keep the price down.
  17. Bodacious

    Bodacious Member

    I don't see the value in the "Entune" package at all. Give me an AM, FM, CD player along with a Compass/Temp/Auto Dim mirror ......I don't have a Smart Phone so the new "superior radio head" is useless to me. $650 must take option on my Sport is disappointing.
  18. Palladium

    Palladium New Member

    Federal law kicks in 2014 requiring a "black box" in all vehicles. I think that is the biggy. Satellite contact at all times. My 13 does not have any satellite. The phone feature is cool. Love the hands free.
  19. Bodacious

    Bodacious Member

    Thanks......."Big Brother is watching us" ehh! That's the first time I heard of the "Black Box" theory....sounds reasonable to me. Thanks for the explanation.
  20. bvlpxm

    bvlpxm New Member

    I was very nice - their cust service was very nice & said they would install on as a courtesy, the dealer called a few days later & said it was on the build sheet but not the window sticker but felt confident Toyota would cover. Got a call from Toyota in LA today & they advised that they were going to do nothing! It's not a huge deal but enough to Pi$$ me off. So I'll go the arbitration route & if enough people are interested & feel they may have gotten screwed, a class action suit may be interesting.

    Goo thing from my point it doesn't stop me from driving it & I have nothing but time on my hands to pursue it!

    I kinda got used to it. the technology has been around forever & have it still functioning perfectly in my 2002 Suburban. Maybe I should have waited around another several months 'til the 2015 Colarado's hit the market!
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2013
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