Arizona meet up?

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by kingofthetaco, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. kingofthetaco

    kingofthetaco Well-Known Member

    When? ....... where?
    Let’s keep the Tacoma community alive and get together.
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  3. Crawdad

    Crawdad Well-Known Member

    When? Where? Freal doe? Where in AZ are you? Pinetop here.
  4. OP

    kingofthetaco Well-Known Member

    Peoria and 91st Ave.
  5. Crawdad

    Crawdad Well-Known Member

    My condolences... JK, I did my time down there, Union Hill and 57th, then Lower Buckeye and 59th, then Union and 35th. Then I GTFO.
  6. OP

    kingofthetaco Well-Known Member

    I like buckeye I think that’s where I’m headed next. Not sure though
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  7. Crawdad

    Crawdad Well-Known Member

    Laveen isn't a bad area, pretty easy to get out of town from there.
  8. Iced T

    Iced T Well-Known Member

    AJ in the hizzy
  9. tacomarich

    tacomarich Active Member

    Hello near Gilbert here! Who is down for some off-roading??
  10. tacomarich

    tacomarich Active Member

    Sycamore, bull dog, ohv rolls, four peaks crown king? Also open to suggestions!

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