Borla cat back exhaust #140680 with #60593 extension pipe

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    I installed this on my 2018 TRD Off Road Tacoma about three months ago. The quality was Borla throughout, except for the outlet on the muffler, which was out of round, preventing the insertion of the tailpipe. However, this defect on the part of Borla allowd me to get the exhaust system for $350, shipped to my door.

    The original buyer could not get the system to go together and had somehow lost the paperwork, preventing him from returning the system. Judicial use of a C clamp allowed me to round the pipe out and insert the tailpipe with no trouble. Installation, after solving the out of round pipe problem, took under 45 minutes including removal of the stock exhaust.

    The system is as quiet as stock, except at an idle and when you are above 4000 rpm. Nice, well behaved controlled rumble at idle. No resonance at all in the cab. Gas mileage increased after the system was installed, an unexpected benefit, please see my previous post on gas mileage with and without using the ECT button. Accelleration also seems to have improved a good bit.

    A small complaint is that Borla should make two systems, each with the appropriate length head pipe, rather than use a short straight section to make up the difference.

    Any question, pleas feel free to ask.
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