Discussion in 'Aftermarket Products, Reviews & Installation' started by John dev, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. John dev

    John dev Well-Known Member

    20190429_112248-1.jpg 20190503_220117-1.jpg

    Heres my new dbcustomz grill
    This cost me 700+
    Shipping alone to Hawaii
    Is like a 100 bucks
    Quality is top notch
    Except for the led lights
    Used it for almost a month then the led gone bad
    The letter t no longer lights up

    I really like this grill bu im disappointed
    With the led

    I got intouch danny the owner
    He said to email him my address hell send me a new led replacement
    So far no led yet and 20190527_192306.jpg that was a week ago

    If only i know how to fix this light
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  3. elvin swank

    elvin swank Well-Known Member

    I would first contact the place you bought it they have to have a way to get you a replacement light led are suppose to last a lot longer
  4. OP
    John dev

    John dev Well-Known Member

    I did call them
    And they said tbey will send me a replacent lights
    Its been over a week now i think
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  5. Lil G

    Lil G Well-Known Member

    That is one sharp ass grill. To flashy for me but in looks great. I’m sure they have something in the works shipping will be probably a week to Hawaii also
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  6. OP
    John dev

    John dev Well-Known Member

    Attention seekerore like
    I have been followed just to ask whered i get it from lol
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  7. OP
    John dev

    John dev Well-Known Member


    Awwrite its working again
    Some says their led is not waterproof
    Thats why it burnt out
    We will see tho how long this thing will last this time
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