Gas mileage

Discussion in '2005 - 2015 Toyota Tacoma' started by dfontenot, May 29, 2015.

  1. dfontenot

    dfontenot Member

    What kinda gas mileage are yall getting?
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  3. cllowe

    cllowe Well-Known Member

    18 with 3 in lift and 33's.

    Negligence on your part does not constitute a emergency on my part
  4. mattnpierce

    mattnpierce Member

    19. Bone stock.
  5. dmharvey79

    dmharvey79 Member

    I'm averaging 18.3 over my truck's first 15k miles. I've been doing more highway driving recently and I'm averaging in the the 19.5 to 20 MPG range with about 70% highway.
  6. Yota4life

    Yota4life Well-Known Member

    About 12 with 6.5" lift on 33s
  7. NapalmTRD

    NapalmTRD Well-Known Member

    Aren't your wheels sticking halfway out the fenders? I'd hate to see what your towing numbers are like...
  8. Demo Man

    Demo Man Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be behind him. Not the way rocks will fly off those tires. Let alone everyone in TX has a cracked windshield from rocks.
  9. 603 Taco

    603 Taco Well-Known Member

    Original size tires, stock. 82,000 miles. I got 21.5 the other day on the highway, average between 16 and 17.5 in town.
  10. JoeTaco

    JoeTaco Member

    Dbl Cab 4X4 TRD Long Bed: Around 17 in town and 20 highway. Pulling a 12' V-nose enclosed trailer with around 500-600 pounds of gear it will get around 12-13.
  11. Yota4life

    Yota4life Well-Known Member

    Yeahhhhh haha....I don't think I'll be towing anytime soon anyway
  12. HapaOhio

    HapaOhio Member

    I filled up 18.944 gallons and drove all the way to the E-line (I know, not suppose to do that). But I wanted to know the exact gas mileage and got 421.4 miles. I drive a 2013 double cab 4x4 V6 automatic. That's 22.24 MPG. This is highway and back road driving.
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  13. texastacoma

    texastacoma Well-Known Member

    Not suppose to drive to the E line?!? I've driven mine so far that the needle was pointing to the E, below the line
  14. hd86206

    hd86206 Member

    What lift and tires are you running?
  15. Demo Man

    Demo Man Well-Known Member

    E stands for enough. Keep on going.
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  16. NapalmTRD

    NapalmTRD Well-Known Member

    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1434093228.282643.jpg
    Still no fuel light at 350 on this tank, but I had to fill up shortly afterward for a long work day... Damn it!! The light turned on around 365 and I made it to 397 before I got to the gas station that has the hot chick that says "Nice truck" and I say "Nice ass" and she asks "What would you like today?" and I say "You on my face" and I'm getting off topic...
    The point is, I know I could've made it well into the 400s, but work is work and I can always cry some other time. Try some other time. Eh, I'll do both. I just wish I could do this with every tank. But I normally get close to 400 per tank anyway and that ain't bad.

    I'm 50% sure and 100% correct
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2015
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  17. woodydog

    woodydog Well-Known Member

    I have right on 19.7 almost every tank for the first 10,000mi of the truck
  18. HapaOhio

    HapaOhio Member

    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1434641919.633622.jpg this time it was 19.308 gallons and got 20.97 MPG.
  19. tommyboy

    tommyboy Well-Known Member

    My truck gets 12 how is everyone getting 18? Lol
  20. Demo Man

    Demo Man Well-Known Member

    You shouldn't hold it to the floor all the time. Lol.
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  21. PinkTaco

    PinkTaco Well-Known Member

    Yea i thought e was enough and f was for f*** it you got plenty
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