How many miles are on ur rig?

Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by Gee, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. rcassidy24

    rcassidy24 Well-Known Member

    Agreed 100%
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  3. ecotecin

    ecotecin Well-Known Member

    19,200 on my 2014 DCSB
  4. Rider34

    Rider34 Member

  5. wbeard

    wbeard Well-Known Member

    Just turned 7000 miles. She not even a year old
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  6. WEX

    WEX Well-Known Member

    5k on my 16' TRD. 2 months old.

    16' TRD Off Road DCLB Inferno
  7. silverpataco

    silverpataco Well-Known Member

    538 on my new 16 DBSB Off Road, adding another 350 today!
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  8. sctaco94

    sctaco94 Well-Known Member

    Hell yeah you got her! I went and looked at one today! They're growing on me!!
  9. silverpataco

    silverpataco Well-Known Member

    It drives great on the highway and since I'm good for 1200-1500 weekly. 20-22 highway is better than 10-12 I'd been getting with the 07 that I just found out Toyota is replacing the frame!
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  10. NapalmTRD

    NapalmTRD Well-Known Member

    New frame? Sweet deal!! That should get you an extra 1-2 MPG and possibly give you another +5 HP... Awesome!! :)
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2016
  11. silverpataco

    silverpataco Well-Known Member

    Hopefully it gets it sold!
  12. daxdagr8t

    daxdagr8t New Member

    Going to hit 140k in my 07 next week
  13. Noooah3471

    Noooah3471 New Member

    2006 187,000
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  14. sctaco94

    sctaco94 Well-Known Member

    Shoot yeah brother enjoy the **** out of it!! I'll stick with my baby 2015 for now
  15. Rambo

    Rambo Well-Known Member

    57,500 on my 2013 DCLB PreRunner V6 and runs like new still. Running AMSOIL Synthetic Signature Series and change every 5,000 - 7,000 miles and with K&N or Mobil 1 Filters also!All Oils,Greases,Fluids changed to 100% Fully Synthetics,ALL , changed and flushed every 25,000 miles !
  16. ecotecin

    ecotecin Well-Known Member

    How much you asking for it?
  17. Demo Man

    Demo Man Well-Known Member

    ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1459080998.742946.jpg finally hit the 1mil mark. Not bad for a 2004.
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  18. C-Money

    C-Money Active Member

    Dude that's over 83,000 miles/year and would be almost 17 oil changes a year if you changed every 5K! Ima have to call bullshit on that one, bro...
  19. rec2570

    rec2570 Well-Known Member

    That's insane!
  20. rcassidy24

    rcassidy24 Well-Known Member

    Lol on his semi. Volvo or mack?
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2016
  21. silverpataco

    silverpataco Well-Known Member

    The 2007?

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