I am baffled as to how all these young bucks can afford these bad azz trucks!

Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by Jakuzzi, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Spending less isn't smart either because you usually end up spending more doing the same task again. I've seen too many people go from spacers to 5100s or OEM when they could have just gone that way from the start.
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  3. WiskyT

    WiskyT Well-Known Member

    These kids are idiots. I drove a Plymouth Horizon until a family member died and nobody wanted her Volare'. That's right, a ****ing Volare' that was like new with 20k on it and 13 years old. All my buddies made fun of me, but I doubled up on principal payments on my mortgage and I paid off my mortgage on my second house by the time I was 48.

    So, guess who doesn't HAVE to work 2 jobs? Guess who's wife was able to be a stay home mom until the kids were all in school? Guess who gets a new truck every 4 years? Guess who hasn't worked past 3PM or on a weekend in 10 years? Guess who comes and goes as he pleases at work and they won't fire me because they know I don't care if they do?

    I am not rich by any means, but I can tell people to go **** themselves and I never miss one of my kids soccer games or even the practices. This is all because I busted my ass when I was young and saved every nickel I made. I don't even tell my boss when I'm taking a day off, I just don't show up and she never even asks me about it.

    My co-workers hate me for it. One day one of them couldn't stand it anymore and started cracking on me about being one of those "rich Yankees" with a "2 story house". I fired right back at him pointing out that he makes more than I do because he works weekends etc., so how is it I'm rich and he's broke? He knew why, because he pissed away every dime he ever made while I was putting rebuilt calipers on my 1980 Volare'.

    You could double most peoples' income and they'd still be broke because they would just spend twice as much. It's a free country, spend your money any way you want. But you'll be working two jobs till they find you slumped over your work station one day and you'll still have 30 years on your mortgage if you think that you can get ahead by spending now and saving later.
  4. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    I have no worked in over 3 yewrs, what is the pointe of this thread beside jealousy?
  5. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    I read post him lift is garage as some slow guy said.
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  6. taco John

    taco John Well-Known Member

    Woah woah first off all I work 2 jobs not becuase of my Tacoma. I work two jobs to pay for school and rent. I'm 20 I'm working my ass off. My goal is to be a doctor. You think my daddy pays for my ****? Hell no, I left the house when I was 18. To remind you, I got my Tacoma for 7 thousand dollars which I had saved up from high school, so I have NO car payments. One day I'll make good money, after I'm done with school. And just because someone works two jobs that doesn't make them an idiot. Some people aren't privileged to go to school or have life circumstances. Personally what your saying about us "youngsters" pisses me off. Not all of us get our tacos from daddy, some of us actually bust our asses to get our trucks.
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  7. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Don't take the thread so personally. If we were taking about you then we would say it's you but nobody did that.

    Fact is that a lot of parents spoil their little twerp kids. They don't learn the value of possessions and act like tools.

    Look at this broseph:

    Mom bought it and he wrecked it. He then tried to commit insurance fraud but he was bragging on the forum so someone turned him in. He got another truck anyway but it was wrecked in Glamis. Now he drives this:


    Powered by mom. He even managed to hurt the suspension.
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  8. sctaco94

    sctaco94 Well-Known Member

    Mom or dad are awesome sponsors. I sold a lot of stuff to get mine where it's at haha
  9. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    I seened this klown before. I thoughts grandmammy had the monies.
    Jameson was his names
  10. taco John

    taco John Well-Known Member

    I wish my dad would sponsor me. He's a doctor and a rich Af. Oh and he won't pay for my **** since he says he wants me to be independent lol. If my dad spoiled me my taco would be long traveled!

    But.... I sponsor myself, and I got the amazing spindle lift! Wow it's so cool that I get 0 wheel travel! Who need LT anyways lmao
  11. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    Is spindle betters than spacer lift?
    How is 0 travel? I travel lot running errands.
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  12. rec2570

    rec2570 Well-Known Member

    You're so much better than the rest of us....
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  13. Mike991GTS

    Mike991GTS Well-Known Member

    My lift was 5k ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1472775622.838210.jpg and i just had enough left for a lift on my 4runner-TRD-Pro ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1472775713.612865.jpg Then i got a call that my 5 year wait was finally over!! I took possession of "Grape Ape" ImageUploadedByTaco Forum1472775836.512720.jpg
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  14. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    Thread was about young bucks.... not mid aged crisis
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  15. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Always gotta show off the Barney Porsche.
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  16. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    Has 25 moars hp.
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  17. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    I need helmet nows
  18. WiskyT

    WiskyT Well-Known Member

    not better, just better-off.
  19. Mjp2

    Mjp2 Well-Known Member

    E-wang war

    I are blueprinted!
  20. taco John

    taco John Well-Known Member

    Or another way to be successful is to join the military and serve till you get retirement. I'm not sure how many years it is for retirement, isn't it 15-20 years of service?
  21. OreoCat

    OreoCat Well-Known Member

    It was very difficult to get mine at 16, but it can be done if you play your cards right

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