Idler pulley Wobble

Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by black2019tacoma, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Anyone else have an idler pulley wobble on their 3rd gen. Also how do you taken the belt off. Is it a normal type tensioner?

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  3. Joisey

    Joisey Well-Known Member

    The contact surface of the pully has no runout. The face of the pully doesn't matter in terms of it's operation.
  4. OP

    black2019tacoma Member

    Yes it will operate but movement = heat = shorten lifespan.
  5. Joisey

    Joisey Well-Known Member

    There is no movement on the contact surface with the belt. When the pulley was stamped, the rounded edge on the front wasn't perfectly perpendicular with the pulley belt surface.

    If there was movement between the belt and the pully, then you would have heat. The bearing in the idler will get warm from engine heat and from internal friction in the bearing. If it fails under warranty, the dealer will replace it.

    I would worry more about the unnecessary clutch that Toyota saw fit to put on the alternator pulley going south and leaving you stranded.
  6. phoenixsuns310

    phoenixsuns310 New Member

    14mm on the tensioner and the belt comes right off I just had to replace the belt 58404684201__5CEB4217-EAD9-458B-9F77-FF7332E5110E.jpg IMG_0272.jpg
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