LED low beam suggestions for 3rd gen trd

Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by warakesTaco, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. warakesTaco

    warakesTaco Well-Known Member

    Looking to replace my low beam bulbs with LEDs. I see some good reviews on Amazon but wanted to know if any of you have tried LEDs especially from Amazon. Tried going to Auto Zone and other car part stores but they told me they don’t sell LEDs for headlight replacement and they don’t recommend it.
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  3. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Sell all the chrome in the world, but not led drop ins.... Makes your neurons fire up alright.
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  4. I use Haikari Ultra for the low beams! Awesome led light.
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  5. Isaac s

    Isaac s Member

    I'm using Auxbeam F-16 series. Had them over a yr no issues.
  6. redmont94

    redmont94 Member

    What I did was replace my fog lights and low beams from H11s to H9s used in 2016-2019 Tacomas high beams. Much brighter. I bought the Bulbzilla Kit it's a nice factory looking plug and play kit. I'm sure you can use LED's with this kit
  7. Bastek

    Bastek Active Member

    My brother in law uses Hikari as well. He's very happy with them. Nice cut off, not blinding oncoming traffic, supposedly better and brighter than stock (I haven't driven it, he just showed me the cut off line).

    So, @warakesTaco, what did you end up getting?
  8. B-RI

    B-RI Well-Known Member

    I put HIDs in for my low beams and LEDs for fogs. Both OPT7. Been running them a couple years now.
  9. Gary209

    Gary209 Member

    I bought Diode Dynamics for Both low and fog. the fogs I bought is a complete replacement unit.

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