Loud tapping noise 2019 Trd 3.5

Discussion in '2016 + Toyota Tacoma' started by Hector Escalera, Nov 10, 2019 at 10:16 AM.

  1. Hector Escalera

    Hector Escalera New Member

    I have under 500 miles on my 2019 Tacoma Trd sport 4x4 3.5 by. It makes alot of tapping noise on the passenger side upper part of motor? I didnt notice when I bought it. Maybe excited, looking at future upgrades. Never noticed if it was there before the 500 miles? I've been hearing foul injector cleaner alot? I've been an old school mechanic since 1977. So i have no experience with all these newer motors at all? But I've done my share of lifter replacements, adjusting valve rockets, etc. Anyone?
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  3. bdarnold12

    bdarnold12 Well-Known Member

    You aren't the first one with a noisy engine, its been reported several times. Others have taken theirs back to the dealer and was told thats normal. Personally mine has always been quiet. If it bothers you you can report it to the dealer to be on the safe side. I have always ran either 93 or 89 octane gas in mine, and I have never noticed the injetor cleaning cycle. I also use Amsoil oil, not saying that the Amsoil oil fixes anything because as I said ive never experienced a noisy engine. What I'm getting at is if the dealer tells you that thats normal do some experimenting on youre own, different brand and or octane of gas, different brand of oil. I don't know if any of that helps as I haven't seen any replys as to anyone quieting their noisy engine.

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