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Discussion in '1995 - 2004 Toyota Tacoma' started by tacoma374k, Aug 16, 2019.

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    2002 Toyota Tacoma sr5 2.4L 2 wheel drive 409,000 miles. Had a heavy miss and replaced all 4 coil packs and plugs. Coil packs from Autozone and plugs from Toyota dealer. Old plugs were shot especially #4. No indication of oil or fouling on plugs. Heavy miss went away but now have Autozone analyzer described as "random miss." Notice it more on warm engine, acceleration, and uphill.
    Toyota has always serviced the truck till now. Fuel injector clean at about 360k and coil pack replaced at about 380k.
    Check engine light is no help. It's been on for about 300,000 miles since a thief stole the catalytic converter and I had it replaced at a Midas shop. No one including Toyota has been able to reset it.
    The air conditioner still works, though.

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