ROC Fest II - Oct 7-9 - Fallon NV

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    October 7th-9th 2016

    ROC Fest event website

    Sign up for the event here:

    Welcome to ROC FEST II at the Proving Grounds!*Raptor Off-Road Community (R.O.C.) invites you to an off-road desert style jamboree for all makes and models of offroad vehicles. ROC Fest is a three day desert off-road festival dedicated to share the experience and adventure around desert running.*The event will be hosted in the Dead Camel Mountain area outside Fallon, NV with over 321 miles of mapped trails and one central base / camping location.*

    Our goal is to make a fun three day event that brings the offroad community together and gives us an opportunity to get our vehicles dirty. This is also to show those who want to close down our public lands that we as an offroad community can have fun and leave a place the same as we found it.

    ROC Fest is a family friendly event centered on showcasing setups and being able to see them in action and ask questions of vendors.*Therefore, we will have vendors in attendance showing off their products in a real world environment and allowing you to ask any questions you might have. Those vendors with vehicles will be able to give demo rides and show off their setups, products, and gear.

    The trails at the event are broken down into loops from one hour to multiple hours. Digital trail maps will be provided to those with GPS so you and your buddies can go get dirty. Those who are new to offroading and have no radios or GPS can go on the guided runs so you won’t get lost and so you will have back up if you get into trouble. There will be several night runs, which will allow you to test out your running lights and see how the different light products preform.

    The central base for staging is also the BLM approved campsite. Bring your RV, camper trailer, toy hauler, or tent gear to share evenings around the BBQ. Share your stories from the day and kick back a few adult beverages or sodas. For those with little ones, or if camping is not your thing, accommodations are available in Fallon, which is a short 12 mile trail ride away.

    As stated above, this is a BLM permitted event. This is not a competition or race, but a festival/jamboree to make an annual event for the off-roaders of Northern California and Nevada.*This is a festival to share the enjoyment that is off-roading, to hang out with friends, meet loads of new ones and most importantly close down the desert off-road season in an epic fashion!

    Can’t wait to see everyone at ROC Fest


    R.O.C. direct contact for questions*
    Email us at -

    Event registration

    $120 per vehicle.*Fee covers 1 T-Shirts, Two Raffle Tickets, Decals with your number of choice, needed permits, insurance, and PayPal fees.

    Accommodations / Camping

    HOTEL - Discount rooms have been arranged at Comfort Inn Fallon for $85.00/$89.00 a night depending on room. (Tax/fees Inc), which can be booked by calling 775-423-5554 under the ROC group.

    Trailer Rental - Classic Adventures RV Rentals & Sales
    10% off if we book 5 or more trailers. If you would like a rental, please email your name and the type of trailer you wish to book. Example #4 - Name - Phone. Some floor plans have limited numbers so sooner you book the better. Rental is from Friday to Monday.

    Camping / Trailers - BLM approved campsite and there is no cost. You are responsible for packing out everything you bring in and making sure we return the area back to how it was when we got there, if not better. AKA pick up after yourself. There are no hook ups or services at the camping area.


    If weather turns south on us, we will cancel the event so we do not tear up the trails and keep everyone safe. Refunds will be issued if canceled and the event will be rescheduled.

    Optional item

    If you wish to purchase additional T-shirts for friends or family members, they can be added to your registration for $15 a shirt.

    ROC Fest event website

    Sign up for the event here:
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    m3dragon Well-Known Member

    Bump and some Q&A.

    I will post mid week if I have another trailer rental location. Working on another location to get a better rate.

    Q: Are there any vendors?
    A: We have several vendors offering raffle items to give away. You have to be there Friday night to win prizes. List of vendors as we add them are on the website page.

    Q. Are dirt bikes, ATV and UTV allowed?
    A. Yes - any and all off road toys allowed. All the trails make fun loops and the big loop last year had a UTV and dirt bike in the mix.

    Q. Do I have to make the whole event?
    A. No you can come for only 1 or 2 days.

    Q. Is there events all day?
    A. Yes there are planned day and night runs ranging from a few hours so people can come back and hang out or go back out for more trails.
  4. OP

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    Friendly reminder to make sure to sign up soon.

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