Running 91 octane

Discussion in '2005 - 2015 Toyota Tacoma' started by TacoBOB77, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. Bogunn

    Bogunn Well-Known Member

    Man I wish I had ethanol free somewhere around me.
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  3. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Me too brother, me freaking too
  4. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    Lucky bastards :D
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  5. Will Evans

    Will Evans Well-Known Member

    I do feel that running a higher octane does make for better throttle response and mileage. But maybe that was just me over thinking it. Also usually fill up from a discounted gas station (0.05 off per L) if you pay with debit or cash. So who really knows the quality of that fuel. LOL.
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  6. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Drive by wire is your biggest enemy in regards to throttle response.
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  7. Will Evans

    Will Evans Well-Known Member

    LOL Yeah I agree. I had a VW golf and the resistor in the gas pedal went bad so the computer had no idea what to do so I just bogged along at 55km/h with my 4 ways on
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  8. SCH

    SCH Well-Known Member

    The book says 87 so that’s what I’ve ran. 1 tank of premium a couple of months ago and the taco tick got quieter. That’s the only difference I’ve noticed.
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  9. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Gunna head out a few hundred miles
    I may fillup with 100 octane just to ruffle feathers
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  10. TucsonSteve

    TucsonSteve Well-Known Member

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  11. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member


    I agree
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
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  12. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Im more ruffled than a bag of chips at the thought o_O
  13. TacoKen

    TacoKen Well-Known Member

    Don't ruffles have ridges? :)
  14. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    The good ones do.
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  15. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Ran 91 chevron..... Crazy winds on the trip, got 17mpg.
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  16. texasred

    texasred Well-Known Member

    I’ve tried at least two tanks of each 93, 87, and back to 91 where I started. She’ll from the same station with 10% Yeckanol. Mixed driving. 20mpg all of em. No noticeable change in drivability.

    Saw mpg drop 22 to 20 after taking off the air dam.
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  17. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Dont have an air dam here
    I prolly have winterblend ****s...

    I rlly noticed a change when i threw on the tonnaue cover a couple years ago. I went from 21 to 17 mpg.
    I was hoping it was the sparkplugs.... But i just changed those.

    So im just gunna assume the 60lb cover killed the mileage.
    Gotta keep things secure when we travel tho, and the backseat is Dugs property, so.....fuggit

    Nothing else has been changed on the truck since
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  18. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Ill also assume mythbusters was correct
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