Seat Risers / Spacers , Olecoot Style

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    If you are aware of the seat mod, I did it and what a difference. There is more than 30 pages of feedback please read some of it. Materials used is 6063 solid aluminum bar stock. All prices includes shipping. One seat $33 with 10.9 grade bolts, or $28 without bolts , Both seats $58 with bolts or $48 without bolts.
    I can make special order sizes if not in a big hurry. Couple days. Message me with any questions ,or email me. Please know you do this at your own risk, I am making these for you at your request.
    Thank you

    Again one seat will be $28 without bolts or $33 with 10.9 grade bolts . For both seats $48 without bolts or $58 with bolts, includes shipping.
    These fit 2nd and 3rd Gen. 2005 - 2019

    Taking Paypal account, DONOT COPY AND PASTE , auto correct switches it to someones Gmail account , please be sure you send funds to yahoo and not gmail (wifes account :D)

    Or mail check to
    Dennis Towns
    400 Monroe Ave.
    Brooksville Fl. 34604

    (Listen, 5 mins you will know if this is a nice feel for you. Just pull the back 2 bolts and slide something about an inch under each foot and sit in it. I am sure you will instantly know if it is right for you. I didn't do these to make money. ( Retired, don't need the work or $$$$ ) So after reading about all the ranting I tried it and was so impressed I figured I would make some decent ones for folks. But nothing is free, so I gotta pay for electric, machines and materials.Most common size is 1" Not getting rich. LOL ,Good luck, Be safe , and maybe , just maybe a comfortable tush .:thumbsup:
    Thank you

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