ShockTherapy's Cowboy Corolla build.

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    Here we have my 2011 RCLB 4x4.

    Ha, yeah. 9/2015. 54k miles.

    Anyways.I stipulated that my dorky 17's and even dorkier 30 inch nittos were coming off of my trade (02 Tundra).l, but they could keep the malfunctioning Pioneer touchscreen.


    Well, crap. I need audio.
    Cheapie Kenwood HU, Kenwood AZ special 6.5"s and then I hogged out my door cards to replace the squawkers with PowerBass 3.5"s and get a little kenwood underseat sub. Not bad.

    [​IMG]... sounds great, need to clean up the holes and screw on some 4" grills.

    Then I got a 3"/2" Toytec Spacer/AAL lift for cheap.


    I dig my dorky flag and my awesome sauce aux lights.

    Anyways, ended up with 31.7 (meant to get 32"s) tires on accident, XTX Sport. Awesome tire either way.
    [​IMG] LED lighting the throughout the truck, save for the stockish fogs, just in case I need a warm light. Painted my headlight housings and emblem Timberland Mica. I hate chrome (minus exhaust stuff).

    HPS WAI. Still need to make a cool air box for it. Gibson CFT Muffler. Sounds epic. Has a big obnoxious tip.

    [​IMG] old tires, but new (to me) tip.

    Ahh, and of course: the obnoxiously red horns.

    It's my D/D, bank owns part of it still, 79k miles and climbing now... big plans after Its paid off and has 300k on it. SAS 1GR Auto 4x4 on locked everything with 4.56s and 37's and enough armor for when zombies, and brains and lights and shovels and tents and runon sentances.

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