Stock Taco goes everywhere

Discussion in 'Off-Road' started by GregVW911, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. GregVW911

    GregVW911 New Member

    Just wrapped up a 6 day 1200 mile Utah backroads tour through the deserts and over muddy rutty mountain passes. Stock truck, stock tires are excellent! IMG_0167.jpg IMG_0163.jpg IMG_0114.jpg IMG_0116.jpg IMG_0059.jpg IMG_0023.jpg
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  3. Jack Straw

    Jack Straw Well-Known Member

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  4. Jack Straw

    Jack Straw Well-Known Member

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  5. Lil G

    Lil G Well-Known Member

    Great pictures !!! Looks like a great time
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  6. Crawdad

    Crawdad Well-Known Member

    Looks like an awesome trip!
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  7. TMartin

    TMartin Member

    I’m jealous!
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  8. Scott Wyman

    Scott Wyman Well-Known Member

    Me too. :(
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  9. John dev

    John dev Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a lot of fun
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  10. lifewarrior

    lifewarrior Member

    Looks like you had loads of fun. What brand of tent is that?
  11. Dktacoma

    Dktacoma Active Member

    Jealous, great pictures looks like a lot of fun.

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