06 Tacoma 4WD knob does nothing and no light when turning knob either


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Recently used my 4WD and then later that day I went to engage it again and no light came on and nothing happened when I turned the knob. Checked 20 amp fuse first , it’s fine.
Checked harness connections on transfer case ok
Pulled radio and feels like wiring is connected on the back of the knob and wiggling wires does nothing.
Have you looked closely for any rodent damage. Those little bastards love to chew wires on these tacoma's.
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Check the connections at the Xfer case. There is a solenoid that manages the engagement who may have given up.

Pull the connector, check for voltage with a meter. Make sure the signal is reaching the Xfer case.

FWIW, you need to be slowly rolling to make 4H engage. 4L needs to be stopped AND in Neutral to engage. IE, unloaded drive train makes easy engagement.