'11 taco Leaky front CV axle on driver side...


MW surVivor ... clutched. 355k on the 0D0
noted on the multi-point inspection yesterday
its flinging grease they said :eek:

is it best to put a reMan axle in or to get the boot kit and attempt to reBoot it

i think its just the inboard side

Remanufactured Shaft Assembly Front - Toyota (43430-04070-84)​

A boot is not a seal. The purpose of the boot is to prevent debris and schmutz from entering sensitive areas.

You probably don't need an axle or driveshaft.

You likely only need a seal. When the assembly is apart then the other parts can be evaluated for damage.
the dealer said they do not reboot stuff

they just slap a new or possible reman cv axle in there... probably would cost over 700$

the car nut guy would say to reboot it
i just might do that!

western Chicago 'burbs is not that terribly far
just a drive across Iowa basically
wait list is almost 2 months though
But you hate driving across IA. Maybe detour into MO or MN.
route 36 across Missouri is the shortest route between big rivers i believe (not counting St Louis area obviously LMAO), and the pavement is relatively in good condition compared to highway 80 in Iowa, along with much less truck traffic! and many many hazardous hills on that 36
192 miles in length vs a bit over 300 miles on highway 80 through Iowa


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