Back to the Future Toyota Pickup

Howdy! Newby here. I have owned six or seven toys over the years. Have two now. 83 lb 4x and 91 excab 4x. My daily driver. Am driving in front wheel only mode for a week. Trying to find t case. Any ideas? In cali. Gold country.
I can pin point the first time I saw a Toyota Pickup and thought... I really want one of those! I wasn't old enough to drive yet but man, I wanted one. It was in the movie Back to the Future.


Did I just age myself ;)
I remember that movie! That was a badass truck back in the day! I think I was only 9 yrs. old when that movie came out!
Back to the future truck is owned by a guy in Massachusetts! He also has a Delorean, from the movie He and his son have a mini museum at his house ,think he has 6-7 Deloreans. They were on Chronicle a Boston tv show can probably Google it and find the episode.