Custom Tacoma front grill with lights.

Short memory? Actually my tonneau cover, and bed mat say tacoma also, but it's not in your face. Back in the 70's, kids use to put a large decal across the upper vehicles windshield telling what car they own. It was pretty hideous to the older guys. I guess if you're going to do that, you gotta accept some good nature ball busting.
Being one of those kids, well in my 20's so that counts I guess, I had a Nova banner on my '68 Nova. You might laugh, but I would probably have taken you from the get go in the 1/4.
Well, if you had a 11 second nova you likely would. My 66 gto use to run 12.01-12.6 sec. at 113 mph.
Joel, it would have been fun to find out who was faster. I used to run at Brotherhood on Terminal Island in L.A. Where did you run?

I mentioned in another thread about the shops I have dealt with over the years. One of them was basically a speed shop. The brother of the fellow who took it over from his father ran a green Road Runner. No one really tried to beat him cuz it just wasn't possible. It wasn't street legal but since a lot of cops bought their parts there a blind eye was turned.

P.S. My Nova was a LOT lighter. Had all the goodies except blower and nitros.
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I ran C modified production at connecticut drag way till they shut down, and later at Lebanon valley ny, and once at English town nj in the super stock H class. Car was normally aspirated. My car was still street legal...sort of, It had a plate.
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You two done comparing wankers????? geesh.

Let me see if mine measures..........

My ol' 71 Buick Electra 225 pulling a trailer rolling on the KS turnpike passed a Camaro running a bit over a ton. That Camaro driver sure gave me a surprised look as I cruised past him. I watched the gas gauge needle move. This was a bit longer than a 1/4 mile.