Gen2 carpet... what is going on?


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this past weekend i was doing some spot cleaning of carpet stains on my relatives '11 single cab Taco
it looked the colour of dogpoopoo or brownish rust stains. this was on the passenger side

whetted the surface with this product and agitated with stiff brush then wiped excess with towel

after several attempts the liquid became more clear and less brown

then i pressed and rolled with fingers along the carpet with

this brown liquid goo stuff started oozing up through the carpet in front of the finger pressure

i don't know what to think, what is this stuff? ... i did not have camera close at hand to grab a piccie to demonstrate

is it possibly the backing/padding of the carpet that is getting roached? and seeping right through the carpet making brown stains?
Most of those carpets smell musty, or like cat/dog piss. Generally they brown after being washed then never dry in a reasonable time, usually from a damp environment.
Carpet is threads glued to a porous backing. Spray liquid on it, the liquid will penetrate to soak into the foam padding underneath.

You were probably squeezing out the excess liquid in the padding.

If you really want to clean it. Then you need to remove it. Take it to the car wash. Flip it over, work from the back side. Then hang it outside to drain and dry. The padding probably needs to be replaced. Not sure if it can be cleaned.

As an alternate, you could try a Rug Doctor carpet shampoo machine when the carpet is out of the truck.

Good Luck.
they have the rubber Tacoma mats for a Gen3 in there now, they are really nice quality so far
it just does not clip in proper lol