Gen2 suspension crossmember under cover...

FWIW. Even the best coatings need care. Most times a simple rinse with a hose will handle most of the causes.

Just ignoring it and hoping the coating is a miracle to magically prevent all rust.......well that is like smearing on deodorant one time and hoping you don't stink after a couple of weeks without a shower or bath.

This damage is all on the owner's lack of maintenance.
I got a good look at the front drive shaft axles on this gen2 today
GLA! The crap they coated with peeling right the F off

I'mma gone look at the OEM that just came off mine after 26 yrs in the Iowa salt and see about the coating on those
Very pretty, now give it 2 good coats of cosmoline before you install it.
i have to still figure out what to do about the two nuts that rotted off that the back end fastens into
one bolt seized into broken nut had to be cut with the airsaw because of the horrific amount of crust on the threads when it was just spinning away

rivnuts were mentioned somewhere but i have ZERO experience or knowledge there with that

i used the airsaw that is supposed to be used on bodywork lol
its smaller than a sawzall and fit well to cut that bolt
but took a bit of a long spell to get thru it...
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this is for a Gen3
but it looks OH SO SIMILAR
look at all the rust onit from just California area :confused:

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i need to get this undercover no.1 back on now that the paint has cured well for protections from road hazards

but I will have to use zippie ties :confused: to secure the back 2 attachment points
since i have no clue what rivnuts or a self sealing nut is actually called for the two that rotted off
These zippie ties will only do so much :confused:
A bit loosey goosey still

I hope it doesn't bang knock around too much under there until I get something figured out what to do
It protects the fan belt + radiator for safety concerns
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