Gen2 used prices...

Yeah, I use to stop at a large pittsfield ma. toyota dealer when snowmobiling on Sunday back then to check out trucks on their lot. Many of the older used ones had a sticker priced sold as warranty.
Another inflated price. I'd bet if someone offered over 5k less they'd take it. It's like when my brother bought a 2001 highlander in 2005 that was advertised at $28k, I told him to offer $18k, and see where it goes. A day later they agreed. Turned out to be a good florida suv with 30k miles that had been repaired for some minor front end damage.
Imo, dealers are still gouging prices on vehicles like tacoma's, cause they know from past covid experience many were dumb enough to pay $5k over msrp for a new, or used one. Until there becomes a glut of these tacoma's without people willing to overpay to get them, it will continue.
You must. You have just posted 2 different trucks with big flares, either that, or you're just into posting a lot of worthless pics. Inquiring minds need to know.