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Hey guys,

I have an 06 taco with a 6" lift total. Work was done by PO. I am no longer in contact with him. I went to take her in to get the rear leaf springs replaced for the recall. they said they can't do it because there is a lift. What they also said is that they WOULD do it if I bought all new parts for the lift and they install it. I am trying to find new blocks (4") but, I am only seeing a few. My question is......What is the difference between a tapered lift block and one that is not tapered?

Usually if tapered, they allow for the leafs sitting on the axle to alter the driveshaft angle so its closer to what stock was vs a straight cut block that isn't tapered.
You should have a non-taper block if your truck has a carrier bearing, which you may need to shim that down also, if doing a substantial amount of lift. Years ago we use to cut wedges, and add them to the blocks, depending how tall a block, till we got the perfect driveshaft angle for eliminating any vibration. If using a tapered block to achieve the correct angle will depend on how high you plan to lift the truck. Imo, its mostly trial, and error at that stage.
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