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Started a college football thread, figured why not start a baseball one also.

I'm not that much of a baseball fan, just a Braves fan. They look to be a legit team this year. Knock on wood. :) Go Bravo's!
It just hasn't been the same since the season of the cardboard cutouts :confused:
Red Sox pulled out another last night. I can't recall a season when I've seen them play so many ugly games in such a short time..
KC royals trying to put together a 5 game win streak
So far this season they haven't haven't won 3 in a row until last weekend
And are in danger of having worst season in club history of 107+ losses
Currently at 75 L
KC Royals are on a six game ROLL

10 teams have NOT won six in a row this year

they play in Philly tonight
going for seven!!!!!!!

still 10 games in the basement lmao
Them royals are still 2nd worst team in both leagues
8 games behind 3rd worst. White Sox and Rockies
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What do you expect, the american League east has been always a beast, but imo the red sox and yankees are still 2 last place teams in the division. Central is weak, and pathetic. I think the east has sucked up much of baseballs talent.
What do you expect, the American League east has been always a beast. Central is weak. I think the east has sucked up much of baseballs talent.

indeed, that appears to be the case these days

first place in AL Central is only 3 over .500
Red Sox managed to lose, AGAIN!....I swear they make more errors than any team in baseball. They make them in bunch's.