noticeable increase in fuel consumption, losing 50 tacoMiles per tank of tacoJuice... what is going on?


MW surVivor ... clutched. 355k on the 0D0
hi all :)
Recently i had a plethora of maintenance done on the truck and picked it up a couple weeks ago
ever since pickUp the fuel economy is in the crapper :confused:
the standard per tank of 17.5 gallons has been approximately 360 miles under normal operations
NOW it barely gets over 300 miles on the similar capacity!?!
i do realise that many factors are involved potentially, such as heavy winds, possible petrol stations (BP and Shell) transitioning from winter stock to summer stock at refineries.

should this persist, what on earth do i need to look at or get tested to find out what the deal going on is?
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Who knows with that old clapped out truck...pretty easy to develop a fuel leak from a rotted out fuel line, or corroded fuel tank leaking.
More likely the fuel injectors are worn out.
it went into shop getting a standard 360 miles over an extremely long period

about 7 tanks of new tacoJuice later it barely can get over 300

one fill i even put in the premium shell V-power nitro+ 91 octane no ethanol and it may have made a 5 or 10 mile tank diffrence
how about the wheel alignment?
would being out of alignment have this big of a fuel consumption issue
i did have the allignment fixed and it made no diffrence
corroded fuel tank my bloodyarse
but 'tis a possibility i suppose
but would i not smell the fuel vapour ? ? ?
Its even possible that your o2 sensors have gone south, but not to the point their triggering your cel.
Even a sieze front brake caliper would be enough to hurt fuel economy some, although you'd probably smell something burning like a clutch..
the front exhaust (including the cat) was disconnected and opened for an extended period of time, who knows how long

then that downstream 02 sensor wiring and harness that was just off and dangling all wobbly in the find
pic was posted on the EDT topic
do i need to submit another image of whut was found into this thread?

i have yet to take a gander at the upstream 02 sensor :confused:
NO CEL has triggered as of yet
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For what it's worth, a toyota tech I know pretty well once told me to replace those o2 sensors every 90k miles. Says they are like spark plugs, and can affect your fuel economy.
I use to change mine on my tundra with Denso's from rock auto. They were not of the same quality as genuine toyota, but they perform just the same.
Are you hauling more junk?
Have you checked the tire pressure?
Changed the air cleaner?
Changed spark plugs?

Many things can impact fuel efficiency. These are just a few.

50 miles less over 17.5 gallons is only 2.8 mpg loss. Could easily be any of the factors I mentioned or wind or traffic or heavy right foot or speeding.

My fuel efficiency takes a noticeable hit when over 75 mph.
Checked tires last week and they were at 41psi
Not a clue how they got that high
Adjusted down to 33 psi
No change
Air cleaner is ok...held up to see sunlight through the element
Spark plugs around 10k miles
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can the 02 sensors be tested before porking out +200$ for new oem

they may be easily removable but IDK lol
its been 5 years since removed from pipe with new nuts and they lookin' crusty a bit


02 sensor lookin' rugged + weathered.JPG