Oil change question


I bought this 2011 Tocoma new . Anyone change oil filter and the filter was dry inside. Anyine else have that ?
Thanks , Art
NO I change the oil and filter every 3000 thousand miles , I bought it new in 2011 and it has 82 k miles on it . And when I changed the oil this time the filter was dry . Hope it has a oil by-pass in the oil system . No knocking runs like a top that is what gets me . now I'm afraid to frive it .
the filter being dry is bizarre!

is it a six cylinder or the 4 cylinder?
It is a 4 L 6 cylinder. I'm going to go get another filter , to replace the new filter I put on yesterday and see if the new one I put on yesterday has oil in it . yes I have another car to drive .
Ok I just got another filter , and when I took off yesterdays new filter it had lots of oil running out . So I put another new filter on it . Then I cut open the old filter and could not find anything that looked bad with it . Now I'm afraid to drive it , So guess I'll take it some place to have it checked . And no matter what they will find a high dollar problem , I'm 83 and don't feal like missing with it .
Thanks for your comments .
With the new new filter and it has oil in it , I'll see how that goes .
And thanks for all the comments .