Rear Diff fluid

Yep. That is a huge volume difference, all 54 ml or 1.8 oz. So the $100 is justified. :rolleyes:

Better check if its a 1000 ml. I suspect its more like 946 ml.
It aint so, this has nothing to do with the cab of the truck, or engine size. It's a simple filler plug that can be removed with all 4 tires on the truck including the entire truck on the ground. If you feel better making it a bigger deal than it is, carry-on.
I was filling that gen2 ATF at the check stick tube in the engine bay.
Take a peek down deep and whoa what do I see there
Why that is the fill plug at the top for the front diff, readily in plain view through the engine bay opening

So the next time it needs changed and don't wish to remove the front driver wheel how the heck am I gonna get that plug cracked with no stripping out and then fill it up full with the new gear oil? Way up here looking down at it over the fender
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i had to research that
never heard of it before!
is this what is inferred?

... approximately 22k miles on that rear diff fluid xchange done on the relatives '11 Taco

is it time yet to refresh that gear oil in the rear ?
30k miles is far soon enough. I know many that never change their vehicles differential fluid, and still get over 150k miles without any issues.
i recall some metal pieces stuck to the drain magnet when i exchanged it the first time about 17 months ago at 67k miles