Say nothing, Do nothing, Be nothing...

Dr Jill doesn't want to lose all those perks, plus puppet master obummer wants that 4th term. This gives gives a whole new meaning to elder
Heck I saw a gen2 tundra the other day with a large stricker on the tailgate saying his pet turtle is smarter than Brandon.
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Experimented with some paint stripper using a stiff bristle brush, and my pressure washer to remove a bunch of graffiti on an outside wall at my shop. Seems to work better than anything else I've tried so far. If anyone knows something better, I'm all ears.
Tapper wants Brandon put in front of the press for a couple hours and try winging it
Several democrats want him to do town halls...they claim he's great talking to people in an audience like that. Frigging guy sleeps to 11 am everyday than takes a 2 hr nap in the afternoon while working 6 hr days before he has to take a couple days off. Heck when I ran a business I was there most days from 8 to 8 6 days a week.
Brandon has given orders that no one is to bothered him after 8 pm till 11am the next morning. He needs more sleepy that he's become older.
Its only a 15-20 minute scripted interview from what I've been hearing where brandon had access to the questions that are to be asked.
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