the climate crisis...


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sweltering summer heat
smoky fires from the north

what's next?
IDK? it could be a good debate

there are plenty & many varied viewpoints
This climate bs goes in cycles. When we did fishing trips to Canada in the 60's, I saw miles, and miles of burn't forest due to lighting strikes. That year it was very hot, and dry. You got a certain political party with a D thats making a mountain out anything they can grab onto, knowing much of the public is stupid. Its all about power, and control trying to scare you into believing it.
word on the street is that young school children are being taught about the climate crisis from such a young age

do they have all the facts?
there once was concern that the world was getting too cold!
Yeah, just a few years ago they were telling us the world was getting colder....geez, make up their mind.
As far as acid rain, thats been going on since the industrial age began. We even have clean coal now.
About the only fact is there is a small measured increase in average temperatures.

Causation is only speculations. Shoot, this could be part of the earth's normal temperature rhythm.

They only have temperature records from about 100 years or so. How old is the earth......

Although, I do agree. Steps need to be taken to battle pollution.

As 24-7 stated. Unless the all the countries of the world take on the same initiative. It'll be like peeing in the ocean to flood Colorado.