? Where is the Gen1 Taco traffic at ?

i honestly think those black side moldings on look fantastic
don't remove them!

Luv my yota Rollin round the West Coast in a first gen
May 3, 2019

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wow! .. sold in CT
too bad its an AT :( and white LOL

The Carfax report lists history in California, Minnesota, Iowa, and Montana.

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what colour did i see wheelin' around the other day... lady driver gave me the weird eye behind her shades at the light
it had the 98-00 front but i don't know the colour it was!

update from tacoJohn in Denver...

"Just passed 725k,
Had a front wheel bearing making some noise and replaced,
Had a few days with temps down at -20 below,
Everything is still good ,
Hopefully your right around the corner and back up to speed
See you at 750k"

this is a horrific scene from Wyoming
driver is ok but the taco rolled 3x on icy patch with a massive wind gust
driver is ok!!!

taco rolled in WY.jpgIMG_6593.jpg

taco  rolled in WY.jpg
Got passed by a red 01-04 Xtra cab with Washington plates on the way to stinkin Linkin and then again south on US-77
The two dudes appeared oblivious!