Who is using OEM filters


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I was doing some digging on filters. Seems like Toyota makes some quality in the branded filter dept. Oil in particular seems lots better than the others. What you got on this?
Okay, I have been using Fram filters on everything I own since 1971. People can blow all the smoke they want but Fram has always performed properly.
FWIW, I use the following. No particular preference. Usually the decision is based on what I can put my hands on.

WIX, NAPA, ACDelco, Bosch.

Based on my research these brands have the most dirt hold capacity, high filtration efficiency and only pass the smallest particles. These are my goto brands for air, oil and cabin filters.....even trans.

Ignore the marketing hype. Research the filter construction and media. It takes digging, but the data is out there.
Never rebuilt an engine because of oil contamination issues. But I have plumb worn out a few, and blew two (redline exists for a reason).
I was named head chef in 1995 for burning down a number of 2 stroke 500cc snowmobile engines in my last year of racing ice ovals in F500, but it wasn't due to the oil used.
I use OEM oil filter on my truck. They range between $4-$8 depending on which stealership.
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OEM filter used here
plastic covered and pre-lubed to fit just right
at the 5;27 marker

I use OEM for oil filter and a K&N for my air filter. Cabin filter is whatever they have at the parts store when I pop in.
While k&n air filters breath better, I've also seen them let in an excessive amount of dirt, and a tendency to foul maf sensors. Their oil filters are good.