Wind from open driver's window is brutal.


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When my driver's window is open the wind practically punches me in the face.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Is there any easy trick or fix?
Technical Service Bulletin. They are saying there is something wrong and they know about it but it isn't a recall so they don't have to fix it. Just take it to the dealer and tell them about the noise. Search TW for more info.
I open the rear sliding window.

That solved it! But ... if both the driver and passenger windows are down then it doesn't work. The passenger window has to be up.

Rats. Wish I had rear windows to roll down.

In good weather, and some bad weather, I like to have every window open that will open. This is the first thing about my Tacoma that I am not happy about.
True. Although I'm reasonably confident the OP has solved the problem or is rolling in a different ride.

There is also wind in your shorts.
Holy Aprils fools day batman , you been sucked into another decade old thread.
Me thinks more likely excessive wind between the ears.