Entune is garbage

Discussion in '2016 + Toyota Tacoma' started by Scott Carpenter, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Scott Carpenter

    Scott Carpenter Active Member

    Why haven't they updated it yet? It's a joke my truck only works with Bluetooth!
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  3. YoSoyTuPapa

    YoSoyTuPapa New Member

    Oh man. Do you have the SR5? Or the higher capacitive touch entune? JBL? I'm looking at getting a new Tacoma but will probably rip out the system n put in a NEX pioneer unit that has CarPlay. I have one in my car now and love it
  4. OP
    Scott Carpenter

    Scott Carpenter Active Member

    No I have a TRD OR with the JBL system. Sounds great but the connectivity sucks!
  5. Jmb0351

    Jmb0351 Member

    Mine works great. You're having trouble with XM?
  6. TacoRick

    TacoRick Well-Known Member

    No problems with mine
  7. scott.c.wickham

    scott.c.wickham Active Member

    Mines ok...
  8. rabbit070

    rabbit070 Member

    I have the SR5 and everything works great in it. Bluetooth, usb, xm, everything. Only thing is I can't reply to text with voice with my iPhone.
  9. snytt

    snytt Well-Known Member

    I have the Limited, so far everything works perfect
  10. socaldiver

    socaldiver New Member

    Everything works but sending text messages. All the videos show that you can send a quick message
  11. vcdc3

    vcdc3 Member

    I have an sr5 and it works fine.
  12. 2017taco

    2017taco Member

    I just got a 2017 SR5 today and y'all are scaring me that my radio is gonna take a ****
  13. OP
    Scott Carpenter

    Scott Carpenter Active Member

    There's nothing wrong with the radio just the interface app with your phone

    My works fine with Bluetooth or direct connection

    2016 DBL Cab SB AT TRD OR 4x4 Quicksand
  14. Tonka Tex

    Tonka Tex Member

    16 TRD OR. No problems w mine either, except that wanker gps they put on there.
  15. ChrisK7UND

    ChrisK7UND New Member

    I'm not having problems per say but auto connecting to the Entune app is hit or miss. Sometimes I get the weather etc. and other times even though the app is running it says "No HD data available"
  16. bocanegraf

    bocanegraf New Member

    I have an sr5 but mine doesn't do GPS. I have downloaded the app but it still doesn't allow me to use GPS from my phone is this normal?
  17. spyderfxst

    spyderfxst Active Member

    I downloaded the app Scout for GPS but it uses my phone data. I wish there's another way
  18. CEStanley

    CEStanley Member

    2016 Taco 4x4. Entune has sucked from day one. My wife has a Camby and Entune sucks in it. Better in both to Pandora and Bluetooth.
  19. pagosajoe

    pagosajoe Member

    Found out that Entune Plus doesn't work with GPS Scout on my Limited. Anyone find a way to get GPS Scout to work on a 2017 Tacoma Lited?
  20. Jim Burns

    Jim Burns New Member

    Gonna rip out this Entune **** & put a NEX 7200 next week!
  21. Chip276

    Chip276 Member

    Have a '17 SR5.
    Can't get my VIN recognized to even create an Entune account, much less see if it works properly when paired to my phone.
    Bluetooth works fine.
    The XM trial is giving me maybe 10 stations to choose from, garbage.

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