Discussion in 'Member Builds' started by Outdoorology01, Jan 3, 2021.

  1. OP

    Outdoorology01 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have a Decked drawer system in your rig? I’m used to a full-size truck with a full-size toolbox and room in the back seat for more crap... I’m trying to find a way to securely carry my tools etc. and still have room to throw a few folks in the truck without having to off-load a ton of stuff to accommodate it.

    Any other suggestions are welcome as well.


    ~ Nick
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  3. billssr5

    billssr5 Well-Known Member

    ive talked with a guy who has the DECK'd system likes it as a full storage and secure system but the use of the bed is pretty much totally eliminated, they are very expensive and they are hard to re-sell if you ever get rid of the truck for a decent sale price, he said, he had it in a 2nd GEN truck and ordered a new model and wasn't sure if it would fit it
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  4. richardmmoore75

    richardmmoore75 New Member

    I have a Decked drawer system in my rig. I am very glad
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  5. Tape

    Tape Well-Known Member

    I installed a Kobalt field box
    IMG_1022 2.JPG
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