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Can't answer that. Mine are frozen. But I think the torque is around 60 ft-lb. Not excessive.

Tried to break the front bolts loose to install another set of D-rings. My pneumatic impact didn't budge them at 275 ft-lbs. Ask Toyota if they could break them loose, they tried......no luck. Tried copious amounts of thread penetrant.....no luck. I'll need a help to work the breaker bar while I work a torch underneath.

Ironic thing is the frame on this truck was replaced in 2018. Someone used a big gorilla on the bolts.
Somebody used red loctite on those bed bolts?
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most likely did use red if you cannot get bolts loose with that big of tool after just 5 years fastened to new threads
Yeah, the Loctite 271 is suspected. I need a helper though. I can run the torch, the helper can work the pneumatic impact.

I snapped one T55 torx head using my breaker bar. Darn near mashed my face on the bed rail.
Loctite Threadlocker Red 271 is a permanent solution for locking and sealing threaded fasteners and is only removable once cured by heating up parts to 500°F (260°C).
Really only need blue loctite. Red is permanent, and should only be use on components that play a part in safety issues. Even with blue, heat in some cases are needed.
All six need to come out?
Nope. Just the 2 in the front of the bed.

Loctite 271 is formulated for Grade 8 fasteners. A Gr8 has sufficient strength to break 271 loose. Any fastener less than Gr8 will fail before the 271. This is when the torch is needed.

Unfortunately, the bed fasteners are not Gr8 fasteners.

FWIW, I'm very familiar with Loctite 271.
I'm familiar with all those loctite grades to. Doesn't matter on the grade bolt...you need heat when removing any fastener that had been treated with red loctite, even blue. There are other grades of loctite that heat isn't required. Loctite should never be use on bolts when fastening a composite material, or any plastics like these taco beds
@tacojoel. A couple points to consider.

The bed bolts mate with metal thread on the frame. The bed has metal spacers that the bolts clamp against the frame. There isn't any composite being physically clamped.
It's still possible it can happen if any excess loctite gets slathered on those bolts. I've seen what happened when loctite sits on sheets of fiberglass for a long period. I think Toyota uses some other type of thread locker on bolts from what I've noticed in the past on them.
Well.... you have enough ATF for 2 drain & fills. Barely enough gear lube for the Xfer case. Definitely, not enough gear snot for rear and front diffs.

No matter, they have a long shelf life.

Oh, I thought your truck was black. Whatcha gonna do with red paint???? Stripes?