? Gen2 Maintenance Required reminder light NOT triggering ?


MW surVivor ... clutched. 355k on the 0D0
hello all... been waiting for this reminder light to trigger on the cluster so i can change the crankCase oil on this rig
BUT! so far it is not triggering after 6100 miles since the last oil refresh
i recall NOT immediately resetting this reminder after the last change because i totally forget how-to and had to get reeducated on the reset process
it might have been 1000 miles before i did reset but perhaps it was more than 1100? honestly i really don't recall after these past literally horrific months what i did or did not do
one thing i did recently do to the rig last week was to undo the negative terminal on the battery to change out the rear taillamp assembly that finally arrived from the parts dealer in Kansas

all the radio preset disappeared after hooking the battery back up properly

DID this battery being off line for a couple hours ALSO have something to do to screw up the tech that keeps track of WHEN to trigger the maintenance required reminder light?
I asked the same questions to the techs when I bought my taco, if the battery is disconnected, if I lose any memory functions to many of the presets like that. They told me there is enough power backup, so as not to lose any. Idk about the gen2, but I had no backup power on my gen1 tundra. I can tell you changing the 12 v starter battery on our 2012 prius...it didn't lose any.

My guess being off that long on your gen2, it may have defaulted to the original settings.
... may have to do a FORCED oil change without the reminder maintenance required light to guide and lead the way
i will let it go a bit longer, see if it triggers
still under the 7500 limit for full synthetic non-severe schedule
even the clock reset to high noon when the battery was disconnected
I just ignore all that crap, and do once a year motor oil changes no matter what the odo says. When I hit 30k miles it gets the differentials and transfer case, and maybe the atf 4qt drain, and refill.
must've reset to zero count with the battery disconnect
6400 since last OCI and still no reminder light
By all means, you must wait until the light comes on. Certainly, no need to be "forced oil change'. Otherwise, who knows what dire consequences may occur.

If this is on the Gen2, then you are 1400 miles over the recommended OCI. If its on your Gen1, then just add a bit of oil when the level is low on the dipstick.
Timmy does things with meticulous care and by the book!
Are you sure you don't have him confused with another utuber?
timmy uses a brass drift punch when it is required
i have never seen a big Fn hammer yet used by him that i can honestly recall
are you sure you have not confused with another uTuber?