GLA!... how much is this gonna cost?

pricing out parts...

165$ MSRP-239$ -- Plate, RR Bumper, No.1

276$ MSRP-400$ --- Rear Bumper Bar

57$ MSRP-82$ --- RH Bumper Plate

155$ MSRP-224$ --- Reinforcement Sub-Assy, RR Bumper, No.2

152$ MSRP-220$ ---- Right Tailight

456$ MSRP-660$ ..... Tail Gate Sub-Assy
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just need 2 double check and make sure everything is up-to-snuff
no hacks & zero fukks...

the new and better pics sent for the reappraisal
wait on that now...
looking at taking this truck back to the bodyshop that did the estimate locally and see what all they have to say about it all
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Good Greif Maivus. You're still dinking with this......................

I have a neighbor who just had a fender bend last week. His truck is in the shop being repaired. He had the truck in the shop the day after the accident.

Can't believe you're still wrangling this nonsense. Somebody is stringing this along. Kickin' down the road. Hoping for Hades to freeze.....
Talked to my brother last night...they're close to being done doing all the body work on his new rave4.... says it should be ready in a week or two.
As far as this taco jay is having fixed for a minor fender bender...this is just total bs. Something just doesn't add up.
i don't quite know diffrence between the two of these
one looks to include light bulbs + wiring
and the other does not?

Are you doing this work, or is a body shop?.....if the later, they should know what to do if a legit shop.
losing confidence in bodyshop for this item :confused:
since i do not have new unbroken part in front of me i have no clue how it fits in there proper
I mean i think i can install a cotdam taillamp assy piece my cotdamn self ya know right
there is high possibility of underlying structural damage that bodyshop nor insurance company has allocated for
but i will not know until i can try to fit that assy in properly with zero fukks
Outside of some paint work...looks like it needs an entire lens assembly, and some bumper ends.....whats the mystery going on here?
Generally, when this is handled in a timely manner, any hidden damage gets added to the invoice and forwarded to the Insurance.

There is no way for an adjuster or an estimate to see under the damage. Things will surface during the repair.

TALK to your AGENT about these questions..............

Quit guessing and Quit delaying. You don't need to understand all the repair details. That is the job of the body shop and the insurance carrier.

I can't believe you are still FN around with this..................... good grief.
Never saw a simple fender bender be so difficult to get repaired either...should have been completed within 2 weeks of the actual