GLA!... how much is this gonna cost?

Idk, how accidents like that are taken care of in your neck of the woods, but if that happened to me now, i'd be screwed.
yes, the insurance agent did get involved with the other at-fault party to get things moving a bit faster (before the holiday week)
the pictures taken at the bodyshop were fuzzy & blurry, the claims guy in Tennessee says
so now i must retake them :confused:
I have not seen any fuzzy, or blurry pics you've taken that have been put on this forum......and believe me, you've put on enough of them. What gives?
bodyshop-taken pics of the 4 corners were blurry
those i took were not submitted to claims
original pics from early December must've gotten lost :confused:
If this were mine,,,,,, After things were settled and repaired, then I'd be finding a new insurance carrier and agent.
took a several new pics to send the specialist in Tennessee
working on reisizing them still...