Nebraska Taco's where you at???...


If we don't call out and condemn poor behavior, then we condone and support the poor behavior.

The risks are real. The impairment is equivalent to BAC of 0.08+. Do you condone driving drunk???

FWIW, he typically takes pics with his cell phone. Most dashcams are not able to snap a pic of the ODO. He is also known for posting pics snatched from internet sites. Frankly, I don't believe he uses a dashcam.
And I went back and took a look at some of the angels on pictures he has posted. They all appear to look the same as my dashcam when I'm taking pictures. I posted somewhere earlier that the button that snaps a picture for me is on my steering wheel.

Again, if you say it's poor behavior then so is reaching down to change the radio station or reaching for something in the cab. We, as in American drivers, do these things every day. You can't tell me that as your driveing your Taco through downtown Waterloo that you don't reach for something inside your cab or change a button on your stero system because we all do Rock.

Now I don't recall Jay posting pics from his cell phone while driving and maybe he has, and maybe that is a little different than me snapping pictures from a button on my steering wheel but again, that is nowhere near comparing that to drunk driving.
Believe as you will.

Remember, at 60 mph, you are covering 88 feet per second.

Search his posts. There are many pics at 70 mph, which clearly shows on the Speedo, when he makes his special mileage numbers.

There is nothing here to defend.
I would tend to believe that goes for most places. Heck, cops nailed my brothers wife....she still registers her car in the previous town she once live in that has a lower property tax mill rate. I guess she now has so many days to change her address.
snippt from a 60 mile openRange road run in the SandHills from a few years ago in 2o21
i would like to take the truck back out west and try it again with the new taco parts since this was a hellish bumpy taco adventure and could barely handle 20mph at times :confused: it took 3 hours to go that 60 miles from US route 26 to cornHusker 1709298365617.png

if i recall some or all of the rattle rattle is an aluminum can in the cupholder lmao
also jammin to some Lenny Kravitz in the background... The rattle noise must've bypassed the uTube filters LMAO
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it has been a few years since the taco has had the confidence to wheel over the most rotted and roached bridgedecks on route 75 through sarpy county. the new front end taco parts are making quite a difference in handling that nightmare stretch of roadway... are THEY EVER going to fix these crapped bridges? they fixed 2 or 3 decks two years ago and NONE this past year... wot'n tarnation are they doing ? ? ?
Wouldn't know I don't play cross country trucker. Btw...can I ask if your some sort of long distance courier that your doing this?
Wouldn't know I don't play cross country trucker. Btw...can I ask if your some sort of long distance courier that your doing this?
do U need some pics to see what i see?
about the nasty bridge decks
somewhere in western newBraska yesterday
North Platte i think
record snowfall there of 15.3 inches


Snow totals reached 15.3 inches in North Platte, Nebraska, on Thursday, ranking as the snowiest day in the town’s recorded weather history, which stretches back to 1874. It broke the previous record of 13.9 inches set on Jan. 18, 2003.



Nebraska woman is charged with using VERY sneaky trick to pump 7,400 gallons of FREE gas worth $28,000 over six-month period​

  • Dawn Thompson, 45, has been charged with felony theft after allegedly exploiting a glitch that allowed her to pump gas for free
  • A second woman allegedly paid Thompson $500 for $700 worth of gas
  • The fuel pumps at Pump & Pantry in Lincoln, Nebraska, received a software update in November 2022 that caused the issue

Dawn Thompson, 45, has been arrested after allegedly using a sneaky trick to pump
more than 7,400 gallons of gas for free over six months at Pump & Pantry (pictured) in
Lincoln, Nebraska

Staff at Pump & Pantry in Lincoln, Nebraska, first reported someone involved in 'some
sort of fuel scam' back in June last year

Thompson allegedly exploited a pump glitch that allowed her to swipe a rewards card
twice, switching the pump from regular mode to demo mode. From there, she pumped
gas for free
these brige decks are a bit over 33 years old now in a freeze thaw freeze thaw climate
on a high-speed freeway these bridges should NOT be in such pisspour condtion with rebar poking through in many spots ... it is a major hazard